Thursday, August 13, 2009

04.08.09 - Final Object(s)

Brief For Final Construct 04.08.09

Workshop #3 Manifesto:

We believe that constructs should acknowledge their interstitial position between ground and sky
We believe that constructs should be containers for the movement of water between ground and sky
We believe that water is the carrier of life, and that rain is a sacred, fertilizing process
We believe that through holding and channelling water, that constructs themselves become alive
We do not know why we believe this, we just do . . . .

Brief for Final Task:

- Each construct is to communicate the beliefs of the above manifesto.
- Constructs to be built by pairs of workshoppers (please organise yourselves into pairs)
One construct per workshopper
Each pair to relate to each-other, yet also be an autonomous unit in itself.
- Each construct is to be built primarily from timber and concrete (workshoppers are free to incorporate metalwork if they see fit).
- Each constructs overall form is to be within the constraints as shown in Fig.A
- Each construct should treat cuts into timber in the manner described in Fig.B
- Each construct should have one side/ elevation which is given primary importance (to allow future orientation)
- Each construct should be portable (by two people)

N.B. the primary means of communication and expression should be at the level of the detail (i.e. how elements join and are put together) with ideas of form taking a secondary role.

Cian + Alice TAKA

FIG A: Overall Form Constraints

FIG B: Painting Exposed Cross-Grain

The Seven Deadly Columns

Communicative Columns

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

31.07.09 - Task 02 (Results)

Below are some images of the results of Task 2 - communicating the seven deadly sins.